Identity Card Information from School for Parents

Identity Card Information from School for Parents

Date: xx-xx-xx

Dear Parents,

We are introducing student cards from this academic year and this Card will be issued to Students of Pre and Junior School on (Day & Date), and Middle & Senior School on (Day & Date).

Students will be required to wear these identity cards during function/ educational trips/ recreational trips. Please ensure that your child comes to school wearing his/her ID card for all such events.

Students of Pre School will be issued two cards one is being issued for the students and the other one will be issued for parents. The Card to be used by parents is being issued (State Day). Second Card will be issued after next week.

In the first phase of its implementation all parents/ guardian/ drivers who come to pick Pre School Students must have the Students ID Card with them.

Those who would not be carrying the ID card will not be given custody of the child. Please note that production of ID card will be compulsory for Pre School Students pick up at off time.


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