Illiteracy refers to the state of being unable to read or write. It entangles a man or a nation and cats into the vitals of life. It is a curse for human beings. Poverty and superstition are the prime causes of illiteracy. Most of the people of the villages are superstitious and they think that female education is against religion. Besides, poverty-stricken people engage their children for earning. So they do not allow their children to go to school. As a result, we have got innumerable illiterate people. As most of the farmers of our country are illiterate, they are quite ignorant of the latest technical know-how of production and as a result, agricultural output is very small. In mills or factories, illiterate and non-skilled workers cannot ensure full capacity production. The illiterate people are to work and live under cover of darkness known as illiteracy. They have eyes but cannot read the black-inked letters like the bogus-boo an imaginary creature. As a result, basic human rights like housing, food, clothing, education, health, and medicine are Greek to them. Our family planning program cannot be mobilized in degrees because of illiteracy and ignorance of the couples. Illiteracy plays a negative role in our economy. So long as illiteracy is eliminated from the society, chaos, and confusion, increasing population, barbarism, break down of the existing law and order polluting the environment and leading life in an orthodox manner will continue. To eradicate illiteracy the educated adults should take up the task of teaching the illiterate with the motto of ‘each one to teach one’. Then we will be able to eradicate illiteracy step by step.