Importance of Good Health

Good health is an asset. Good health means soundness of body and mind. It keeps us fit for our work. It keeps us free from diseases. It is the most valuable possession in human life. By maintaining some rules, we can keep good health. To keep good health, one has to eat a balanced diet, drink clean water, take fresh air, rest properly and take physical exercise regularly. To keep good health one should rise early in the morning and take some physical exercises. To speak the truth, it is the greatest wealth of all things on earth.

We should eat a balanced diet. We should drink clean water and take regular physical exercise. Health is the sound state of the body as well as of mind. Most people are in our country. So they do not get the food they need for good health. If people do not take a balanced diet, they often suffer from various diseases. A healthy man must have soundness of mind as well as the soundness of the body. The rich and educated people are not conscious of the rules of good health. They think that costly food is good for health. As a result, most of the people suffer from various complexities.

The importance of keeping good health can not be described in words. It is said that good health is the source of all happiness. Public awareness should be increased about good health. However, life without good health is boring and unbearable. To be healthy, one must grow up in a balanced way. A healthy man is really lucky because he can do his duties properly and become successful in life. By keeping a simple and carefree life one can lead a happy life. Therefore, we should keep good health to lead a healthy, comfortable and diseases free life.