Importance of Money

Importance of Money

Money is an essential commodity that helps you run your life. It is a means of buying and selling the necessary goods. The importance of money has become so important for life, that you could not survive without it. There prevailed Barter System in the long past before making and introducing money. People used to exchange goods and thus met up their necessity. Metals in the form of coins were used by people in buying and selling. Now money is found in the form of taka, currency, dollar, pound, dinar but not in the then form of coins. Hence arises the importance of money in man’s life. It has gained its value because people are trying to save wealth for their future needs.

No other creations but the only man need money to lead his life with solvency. Philosophically speaking, money cannot buy everything but practically money is the basic thing that is used for calculating the status of any person. Apart from the miniature to the largest animal (elephant) need no money and their life is never impossible to lead. Man’s needs, desires, want, etc. are much more than other animals. The Creator and even the angels need no money to go on. To buy man-made things and otherworldly materials need money. So the importance of money in life can under no circumstances be ignored.

In practical life, the importance of money is commonly understood. Everyone under the sun hankers after earning / hoarding money forgetting religious works and other moral duties. For the money, one can do anything even at the risk of one’s life. Nature does not provide man with a lot of money but man is to earn it by hook or by crook, or by undergoing any manual work. Limited income fails to bear the expenses of a man. Then he compels to earn money by adopting a dishonest way.

The importance of money in human life is similar to the importance of food for the body. The reason behind any conflict is money. Everyone is more or less rapacious. Even an infant in the cradle knows the importance of money and stretches its hands towards H, though it can not value or understand its importance. A moneyed man is respected and honored. He can lead to society. Every member of society comes under his shadow. Though quite unschooled, a moneyed man is more honorable than a poor learned man. Even the law enforcement body respects and honors him. His kith and kin are at his beck and call.

Truly speaking, one cannot get on well in the world without money. Nowadays you need money for your whole life; for clothes, for food, for shelter and even water costs. To be in want of it is to pass through life with little credit or pleasure. Another important point is education. School here may be gratis, with money you are able to afford for example a private school or extra help, though.

“Money is life” goes the wise maxim. To pay more importance on it a man forgets the Creator and indulges himself in earning it. Some take money to be the next to Him. The man remembers money very often but God rarely or occasionally. Money is important from birth up to death. Though money is important in everyone’s life still there are many people who hold a different view regarding this concept as feel that money is not everything.