Information Technology

Modern science has blessed us with many wonderful inventions which have made life easy and comfortable. Information technology plays a great role in the globalized world which comprises television, radio, computer, wireless, e-mail, fax, the Internet, etc. Several products or services within an economy are associated with information technology, including computer hardware, software, electronics, semiconductors, internet, telecom equipment, and e-commerce. Television an important invention of information technology can send a message from one corner of the world to another with the help of electric waves. Radio or wireless, another wonderful gift of modern science, can transmit information in a second from one corner of the world to another. On a radio set, we hear the voice of the speaker from any part of the world. An information technology system (IT system) is generally an information system, a communications system or, more specifically speaking, a computer system including all hardware, software and peripheral equipment operated by a limited group of users. Computer with its magical power performs unbelievable things in our life. It seems to be fulfilling our dreams. In fact, the computer has brought about a revolutionary change in our lifestyle. It can run a business, play chess or even compose music and many other important tasks. Email and the Internet which are the latest additions to this with their wonderful performance in the communication system have become great blessings to our modern life. A man just pressing the keys of a computer can communicate with any person he wishes. In the field of technology, science is ever going on. It will conquer space. Scientists are now on the process of bringing out the hidden information from space. They will go to different planets. Science knows no defeat, knows no retreat. It is ever going on inventing newer things. So, information technology is on a triumphant march.