International Chess Day

Chess is one of the oldest games with a combination of sport, scientific thought, and art elements. As we know, by improving mental health and raising anxieties, sports have helped society thrive in times of crisis. International Chess Day is celebrated annually on July 20, the day the International Chess Federation (FIDE) was founded, in 1924. Chess is a two-player strategy board game where the goal is to move various types of play pieces, each with a specified collection of potential movements, around a checked square board trying to catch the ‘king’ piece of opponents. Today there are over 2,000 identifiable variants of the sport. Since earlier period Chess could be a popular game and played around the world. With the time board game and its rules are evolving. It became the sport of classes. Only the class could afford this challenging game in an exceedingly great distance. However, the merchandise class later introduce this game to the remainder of the population while traveling around the world. One theory is that during the Gupta Period (~319–543 CE), an early game similar to chess called Chaturanga emerged in the Northern Indian Subcontinent and spread west to Persia along the Silk Roads.

The idea was suggested by UNESCO to celebrate this day as the ‘International Chess Day’, and it has been celebrated as such since 1966 after it was founded by FIDE (the International Chess Federation). FIDE, which has 181 chess federations as its members, organizes chess events and competitions around the world at the present time. After the Arabs invaded Persia, Chess became an integral part of the Muslim population’s life and spread to Southern Europe from there. Chess has grown in its present form throughout Europe. And later, the shape of the modern game takes hold. On 12th December 2019, the General Assembly declared 20th July as the ‘World Chess Day’ to mark the date on which the International Chess Federation (FIDE) was founded in Paris in 1924. All Over the world now Chess tournaments are held. In 1851 in London, the primary modern chess tournament was held and it had been won by German Adolf Anderssen. The designation of World Chess Day of the UN (United Nations) won’t only recognize the important role of the FIDE in supporting international cooperation for chess activity and attending to improve friendly harmony among all peoples of the globe but also to supply a crucial platform to foster, dialogue, solidarity and culture of peace. Numerous of the 605 million active chess players around the world celebrate the day. Chess broke several barriers, including class, language, and culture. It is just two people sitting down and playing one of the world’s most mentally challenging games. Today, virtually every city has one or more chess clubs, to raise this friendly sport’s game, fans, and admirers.