International Dance Day

Every year on April 29th, International Dance Day is commemorated. Through activities and festivals organized on this date all around the world, the day strives to stimulate involvement and education in dance. It is a worldwide dance festival organized by the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute (ITI), UNESCO’s major partner for the Performing Arts. Dance is a form of artistic expression, and movements accompanied by music offer several advantages. Physical, psychological, cognitive, and behavioral disorders are all treated with it. Experts claim that when one dances, the same endorphins or chemicals in the body that make one feel better are released in bigger numbers. Every year on April 29th, the anniversary of the birth of Jean-Georges Noverre (1727–1810), the inventor of modern ballet, the event (International Dance Day) is held. Through activities and festivals organized on the day all across the world, the day aims to stimulate involvement and education in dance. ITI is officially recognized by UNESCO as the event’s originator and organizer. Anxiety, sadness, low self-esteem, and post-traumatic stress disorder can all be alleviated via dance. Since 1982, a great dance celebrity has been chosen each year to submit a statement for International Dance Day. Every year, a message from a world-renowned choreographer or dancer is broadcast throughout the globe. The International Dance Committee of ITI and the ITI Executive Council choose the message’s author. The message has been translated into a number of languages and sent throughout the world. The day is a day of celebration for those who understand the worth and importance of dance as an art form, as well as a wake-up call for governments, lawmakers, and institutions that have yet to recognize its relevance to the people.

The goal of International Dance Day is to celebrate dance, to delight in its universality, and to bridge all political, cultural, and ethnic divides. The day’s goal is to bring people together through dancing in a shared language. This day is a celebration for individuals who appreciate the worth and relevance of the art form “dancing,” as well as a wake-up call for governments, legislators, and institutions that have yet to acknowledge its value to the community and individual, as well as its economic growth potential. Every year on April 29, the International Theatre Institute invites its members, as well as dancers, choreographers, dance students, and lovers, to a Gala Celebration to commemorate International Dance Day. The Gala Event’s schedule might vary, but it normally includes top-notch dance performances from across the world, student performances, keynote speeches, and a recital of the Message for that year’s event read in person by the chosen message author. The festival expanded to a three-day event, with a stronger focus on education through dance workshops and talks conducted by a worldwide cast of dance specialists. Evenings were set aside for performances, culminating in the Gala Celebration. The Shanghai event also included a humanitarian component, with a large focus on honoring impaired dancers’ accomplishments and encouraging disadvantaged youngsters to dance. Beyond the Gala, ITI Centres throughout the world are urged to commemorate April 29 in their respective countries by hosting unique educational events, humanitarian drives, dance performances, and festivals. This worldwide type of theater transcends political, cultural, and ethnic divides. Lettres sobre la danse et sur les ballets, written by French choreographer Jean-Georges Noverre in 1760, is still valid and loved by current dancers. Each year, the International Theatre Institute chooses a great dance celebrity to be the Message Author for International Dance Day to assist publicize the event. It is anticipated that the author can emphasize the importance and force of dancing in the message. Trisha Brown, Alicia Alonso, and Merce Cunningham are among the previous authors.