Kindness to Animals

Kindness to Animals

Introduction: Kindness is a noble virtue. Kindness and justice to animals is an essential part of human virtue. It is a noble quality of the heart. We honour those who show kindness to their neighbours and fellow beings. They deserved kindness because they are dumb and helpless and cannot plead their own cause. We still more honour the people who are kind to dumb animals. There are many kinds of animals in our world. Some of them live in our houses. Such as dogs, cats, cows, etc. Some of them live in jungles, Such as elephants, deer, rabbits, etc. Animals give us pleasure and knowledge.

Blessing: Kindness has two-fold blessings. It blesses him who gives. It also blesses him who takes. We require Allah’s kindness and pray to him for it every now and then. To deserve Allah’s kindness we should be kind and gentle to all his creatures the poet has rightly said –

He prayed well who loved well

Both man and bird and beast

This is really true to the letter that he who loves all the living beings, serves Allah in a proper way. Cruelty to animals is often due to the thoughtlessness and lack of imagination.

A part of religion: To be kind others is a part of our religion. We should speak and act kindly with birds and animals. By our kind speech and deed, we do well to others as well as to ourselves. In fact, a kind word or action ennobles us and raises us from what is low. Prevention of cruelty to animals must be considered as a very important need. Animals serve us in many ways.

A man without character: A man of weak character, however, rich and educated he maybe is hated by all. We must love animals. But many people hurt animals. Some people hunt animals for their food. It is a very wrong act. Nobody pays any regard to a man who has no character in spite of his vast wealth of great power, such a man is not to be trusted.

Value of character: Character is more powerful than knowledge. It is above all. It is above all. It serves man better than an armed soldier. Character strengthens the mind. Animals teach us lessons on how to live. Some animals have very good qualities which people do not have, Actually some people don’t have these good habits.

Conclusion: The character should be formed from childhood. Examples set by the elders at home and the teachers at schools will help one to form good character. There is a proverb:

“Money is lost nothing is lost. Health is lost something is lost. But character is lost everything is lost.”

However, if we show kindness to animals, they won’t hurt us. So, we feel happy too. If you can’t be kind to animals you can’t be kind to people also. So we must understand from childhood that we should be kind to animals. It is our duty to protect and be kind to the animals.