Kitchen Garden

A kitchen garden is a part of a garden or yard where we grow vegetables and fruits for our own use. We have a kitchen garden. We grow vegetables, fruits, etc. there. The garden is situated at the backyard of our house. Working in the garden is a pastime for me. The garden is not big but it is very useful for us. The garden provides us with the required vegetables for our family. We grow there pumpkins, lau, tomato, etc. Besides we grow there cabbage, cauliflowers, and lettuces, etc. Generally, I spend half an hour in my kitchen garden in the morning or in the afternoon. I like very much working in my kitchen garden. I often dig the soil. I give water daily. In order to keep my garden safe from the animals and naughty boys, I have put a fence with bamboo around it. My kitchen garden looks evergreen. It gives a calm environment. I enjoy it very much. There are many advantages of such gardening. When I see the green scene of the garden, my heart leaps up with joy. I spend my leisure time in the garden. It keeps my body and mind sound. It removes my monotony. My joys know no bound when my friends and neighbors come to see my kitchen garden. It provides us fresh vegetables that are crying need for the body. Besides, we get many fresh guavas from it. Since I get vegetables from the garden, it does not need to buy them from the market. Sometimes we can sell surplus vegetables in the market and thus it adds to our family income. There are some flower plants in the garden. Of the flowers, marigold looks the best. It is a seasonal flower. We plant usually the seasonal flowers in the garden. In a word, it is a source of health, pleasure, and wealth.