Leave Encashment Application Format for Teacher

Leave Encashment Application Format for Teacher


The Principal/Registrar,

School/College Name…


Subject: Application for due Encashment of previous Annual Leaves

With Due admiration, humbly stating that I am working in (School/College name…) from more than three years as a General Subject (specific subject name…) as appointed by the Chairman. I had finished my probation period and performing my tasks in well form. Sir, my due security money is also deducted from my monthly salaries but like other teachers who are still serving in this school/college is fully paid by due encashment of annual leaves in the month of….. every year but I was not given the due encashment of my leaves from the past three (3) years.

Kindly on the origin of school/college rule I must be entertained with my annual leaves encashment. I will be very thankful to you.

Yours Truly,



Date with Sign….