Letter for Recommendation for Company Employee

Letter for Recommendation for Company Employee

[A recommendation letter is usually written when someone is requesting the head of a company or any organization, may be academic too, for the admission of one or more persons. Below briefly describe on Sample Letter for Recommendation for Company Employee. Make certain you are clear about why you are recommending the employee for their business. Mention the strengths and weaknesses of the employee. State examples that will help them know well. It may be written by one business to another to let them know whether the employee, the other company is trying to hire, is recommended by his/her previous employer or not. You need to modify this sample according to your needs.]


Sender/Your Name…

Job Designation and department name…

Date: DD/MM/YY (the date on which the letter is written)


Receiver name…

Job Designation and department name…

Subject: Letter for Recommendation for (Recommended person name)

Respected (name or designation of the receiver),

I would like to recommend (name of the person being recommended) for the post of (post) at your institution. (Describe in your words). (Name of the person) is a highly qualified person who has completed his/her studies from the (name of college or school). I assure you of his/her extraordinary qualities in each and every aspect. (Describe all about qualification). You’ll be surprised to see his/her concentration in his work as well as his/her punctuality.

Not only this, but he/she have satisfactory job experiences in the previous years and has proved to be the best in his/her assigned job. (Describe on job dedication). So I’d greatly recommend him/her for your institution.

If you would like to contact me personally on my phone number, it is (number). (Express your recommendation). You can also contact me by e-mail (email of the person recommending the employee/student etc.), mail, or fax. I will be available to discuss anything that you would like me to. (Cordially describe your greeting and expectation).

Thanking you with the hope of approval from your side.

Yours sincerely,

(Name and signature)

Job Designation and department name…

Contact info…


Another Format, [Email Format]

To: Receiver mail address, name.dfgh@email.com

From: Sender mail address, name.xfgh@email.com

Subject: Recommendation letter for Ms/Mr. (name of the employee being recommended)

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to recommend Ms/Mr. (name of recommended person) for the post of (designation) in your organization. (Describe in your words).

Ms/Mr. (name) has worked with our organization for (span of work experience) in the capacity of (designation in a previous organization). (Describe all about qualification). Ms/Mr. (Name) is leaving our organization for better job prospects. (Describe actual cause). S/he is a very hard and diligent worker. (Describe on job dedication). S/he has been influential in increasing our sales by (***) %. S/he will be an asset to your organization. (Express your recommendation

Ms/Mr. (Name) also bears a good moral character and has cleared all her/his dues with us. (Cordially describe your greeting and expectation).

Best regards,

(Name of the person recommending)

Job Designation and department name…

Contact info…