Letter to Friend about a Circus Performance you have experienced

Letter to Friend about a Circus Performance you have experienced

[Here briefly describe on Sample Letter to Friend about a Circus Performance you have experienced. Suppose, you and your family just went to watch a circus performance. Now, write a letter to a friend to describe your experience at the performance. You need to modify this sample according to your needs.]

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Dear (Friend’s Name),

How are you? I have not heard from you for quite some time? I hope you are well. (Describe in your words). By the way, have you ever been to watch the Grand Circus (arrangement type)? I went to it last week. It was an exciting experience. I just have to tell you about what I saw. (Describe all about the situation).

The circus came to my town recently (area name and circus party name). It will be here for a whole week/month. There was a large crowd when we got there. My father was lucky to get four front row tickets for the (Weekend) evening show. (Describe your feelings). From where we sat, we had a good view of the entire show.

The first performance of the night showcased a group of seals. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw the way the seals balanced balls on their noses. (Describe all about the program and performances). They looked so cute. Of course, we were thrilled and at the same time, very amused.

The next performance was by the monkeys. Guess what they did? They rode bicycles around a ring of fire. Wow! They looked so smart in their black and white uniforms. (Describe your thoughts and feelings). We really enjoyed looking at them. Now I know why many claim monkeys as intelligent beings.

The most enjoyable performance of the night was the clown act. They sang and danced, performing funny skits. They were so hilarious that we could not stop laughing. we later had a picture taken with them.

I have an idea. Come and visit me this weekend and we will go to the circus together. (Cordially describe greetings and wishes). I would love to go again. I can ask the father to book the tickets in advance. Let me know your reply soon.

Your friend,

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