Letter to Newspaper for Drawing Attention of the Government Officials

Date: dd/mm/yy


The Editor…

Newspaper Name….

Subject: Providing bus-stoppage nearby the (place/area name)


Throughout the esteemed columns of the prestigious newspaper, I would like to draw the attention on the Government towards the difficulty of non-availability of bus stops inside the surrounding area near (Area Name).┬áThese apartments are spread inside the radius of atleast two kms and are also situated on the main road and beside. One can spot the running of buses around the main road, to and for all the destinations of (area name) following every five minutes, but they don’t stop here.

It is very strange to note that the government has not necessarily provided enough bus stops to hide all the apartments and colonies over the road. The residents must walk more than two kms. to catch a nearby bus. Hiring of a rickshaw or CNG auto is extremely costly for most of the people. The chilly or the particular hot rough weather usually puts the passengers within a great discomfort. This likewise wastes time, energy, stamina and strength in the commuter.

Intended for lady commuters, it is even more difficult from the safety standpoint. No investment or monetary burden will be passed about the government for making far more bus stops. Keeping in view the necessities and the capability of the residents, it is necessary to produce bus stops at all the relevant points in this kind of area.

I really hope, the government would definitely consider our difficulty and supply enough bus stops for the convenience of the commuters. It will provide relief to we all, as walking a long distance of two kms in winter or the blazing hot sun can be quite troublesome and tiresome.

Yours faithfully


On behalf of the people of (area name…)