The Life Of A Farmer

A farmer is a person who leads his/her family by working hard in the agricultural farms or cultivating lands. Bangladesh is an agricultural country. So farmers are the backbone of the country. He/she is the most common figure in our country. Basically he/she is the main force of the economy. He/she is called the father of food production. But they are devaluated. Without his role, our country cannot go ahead. The farmers live in the village. Some farmers have their own lands. But some others are landless. They cultivate the land of others. They have to work hard from morning till night even in sun and rain to earn their livelihood. He/she works in the field all day long and procedures different kinds of crops. The economic condition of a farmer is miserable. Although he/she works hard, he/she does not get enough crops to eat. He/she lives a very low-standard life. He/she lives in the thatched houses.

When a farmer produces a good harvest, he/she enjoys a happy life with his/her family. His/her face beams with joy. On the other hand, if the crops are not good, his/her sorrows know no bounds too, and he/she has to starve sometimes. He/she even cannot get minimum medical care. Due to his/her illiteracy, he/she suffers from various diseases. The joys of a farmer know no bound when he/she gets bumpers crops. To enlighten him/her with modern ideas. Adult education programs for illiterate farmers can be introduced in the Radio and television.