The Life Of A Florist

A florist is a person who is professionally involved in producing or selling flowers and ornamental plants. A florist may be a male or a female person, but he/she must have a passion for flowers. Nowadays, he/she is a common figure in towns and cities. He/She passes a very busy day. He/She buys flowers from the ‘Flower Market’ usually held very early in the morning. Then he/she arranges them beautifully in his/her flower shop. He/She is always seen busy with the flowers watering and conditioning them all the time. He/She always wears a smiling face like his/her flowers. He/She is skilled in arranging a bouquet and can arrange it according to the choice of customers within a very short period of time. The main customers of flowers are wedding parties. Usually, a florist sells flowers with a small profit because the flowers are perishable and cannot be stored for a long time. But, on special events like ‘Valentine’s Day’, ‘Pahela Baishakh’, ‘Mother’s Day’, ‘Friendship Day’ etc. the demand goes higher and the profit becomes manifold. A florist eagerly waits for this special d.ays. A florist needs to maintain the freshness of flowers all the time. Decayed flowers can affect the freshness of new flowers. Therefore, he has to distinguish old flowers from the new ones. Besides this, to keep the freshness of flowers alive a florist has to understand the basic methods of spraying fertilizers, manures, composts and insecticides. A florist knows how to prepare flowers for display on a variety of events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, marriage days, and other occasions, official receptions and even funerals. He/she knows how to create superb arrangements according to conventions and significance associated with flowers. The life of a florist is a tale of hardship and passion. He/She tries hard to keep our home full of fragrance. His/her flowers keep our face smiling. We should respect their profession and keep their smiling face intact.