My Favorite Festival

“Eid-ul-Fitr” is my favorite festival. It is one of the greatest religious festivals for Muslims. The Muslims keep on fasting throughout the month of Ramadan to welcome the moon of Eid-ul- Fitr. This festival has a significant background. It is a holy month in view of some very important reasons. It is in this month that the holy Quran was revealed to our favorite Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Sm). In this month the Muslims can get purified of all their sins and achieve salvation after observing the ‘seums’ completely according to the rules of the Islamic religion. And Eid-ul-Fitr is the special gift to the pious Muslims from Allah. The Muslims enjoy pure joy at this festival. In great joy in which people of all ages indulge, festive atmosphere all around, special markets where various things are available, an arrangement of various games and sports, cultural function, exchange of greetings, eating special foods, etc. are the special aspects of this festival. I enjoy this festival with pure joy and happiness. All the year round I look forward to this festival. I fast throughout the month of Ramadan in the hope of being blessed with salvation and redemption from all of the sins. On the Eid day, I am overwhelmed with pure joy. My father buys me and my younger sister’s new clothes. We put on these clothes and feel great joy. My mother cooks various delicious dishes such as semai, firni, polao, chicken roast, jarda, noodles, etc. After saying Eid prayer in the congregation I enjoy eating these delicious food items. My friends and our relatives come to our home and we entertain them. I am also invited to my friends and relative’s home. I go to Eid market to buy various things for me, my sister’s and my parents. In the evening I enjoy the cultural function. Thus I enjoy my favorite festival.