My Favorite Teacher

My Favorite Teacher –

A good teacher is an important man in the society and the country. Teachers are like our guardians. I respect all my teachers whom I have come across. They are not just role models for their students but also a source of inspiration and motivation. My favorite teacher’s name is (Name). There are many reasons for liking him the most. Here some of his good qualities for which I have been one of his devotees are described in a nut-shell.

My favorite teacher is a brilliant scholar with an excellent academic career. My favorite teacher is well-mannered and very gentle. He possesses a strong personality. He made me realize the creativity and the imagery behind all that seems to be just a few smears of paint from left to right. His descriptions of each workpiece captivated me to such regard that slowly and slowly I also became (Subject name) lover, just like him. He is very intelligent and can discover cover the hidden treasure inside each student. He has a smiling face however very strict in the study.

My teacher is a man of great qualities. He is honest, dutiful and kind. He is very free and frank. He behaves friendly with the students. Every student has access to him. His method of teaching is unique. He can make any difficult lesson easy to the students. He is very caring towards weak students and helps them in their studies even after class hours.

He taught me to respect others and their work, even if I found their work hideous. His theory behind this was that everyone puts their best for what they believe in, hence we must believe in them to make sure they find their inner peace too. The greatest thing I learned from him is that I could do it; a voice to believe in myself.

My favorite teacher is very affectionate to us. He helps the poor students according to his ability. He loves his students. But he never allows any irregularity and improper acts. He tries his best to correct the students. He guides us through our difficult times and encourages us when we are down. He has a keen interest in sports also. She takes us for outdoor picnics and educational tours.

An ideal teacher is a teacher who dedicates his life to the welfare of his students, society and the country. My favorite teacher is a noble and kind person. (Teacher name) is a successful teacher. He has left a permanent impression on my mind by his conquering qualities of an ideal teacher. His impressive personality, the art of teaching, responsibility and other qualities have made me one of his admirers. Being a student of such a teacher, I feel proud.