My Reading Room

A reading room means a room used for reading. I have a reading room of my own. It is a place where I read. It is situated just beside our bedroom. It has one door and two windows. It is very nicely furnished and equipped with some furniture. It is well-ventilated. Fresh air comes into my room. In the day time, the room is well-lighted. There is a door and three windows in the room. There is also a small shelf which is used to keep books and other necessary things. In this room, I have my reading table, a chair and also a small rug with two cushions near the window. There is a table clock on the table. The books are nicely arranged. I also keep a desk diary and maintain my daily routine. It has an almirah and some hangers. There are some other things like a wardrobe, pens, instruments and a small bed where I sometimes lie down. I sweep it myself and keep it neat and clean. There is a beautiful calendar on the wall in front of my table. There are flower and vegetable garden on the east side of my reading room. There are some restrictions. Not all are permitted to enter it. I do not allow anyone to create disturbance in my reading room. My parents can enter at any moment. To pay full concentration on the study, a separate reading room is quite necessary for a student. I like my reading room very much. Whenever I enter my reading room, I feel a sense of ease and comfort. I generally pass seven or eight hours every day in my reading room. I have decorated it with some valuable paintings and calendars. I am proud of my reading room.