News Letter – Complaining About Insufficient Water Supply

NewsLetter – Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper complaining about insufficient water supply in your locality.


The Editor

(Newspaper Name)……………



I shall be highly pleased if you kindly publish the following lines in the columns of your famous daily.

Yours faithfully



Insufficient Water Supply

We, the inhabitants of (Area name)……., have been sufferings from a scarcity of water for a long time. Almost fifty percent of the water supply has been reduced in our locality. This has created a lot of problems for everyone in this locality. As it is summer the need for water has increased tremendously. Besides the growth of the population, the demand for water is increasing day by day. Thus this problem has become more acute than earlier. We often do not get water for bathing. Even sometimes we do not get sufficient drinking water. We also cannot wash our clothes for a shortage of water. In the morning, we cannot brush our teeth after getting up from the bed. People need to stand to wait for water from roadside taps. It should also be mentioned here that sometimes people are compelled to drink impure water. We feel that necessary measures should be taken for an adequate supply of water in the area.

We have already informed the WASA authorities about the problem but they have turned a deaf ear. We, therefore, draw the attention of the concerned authorities to take immediate steps to solve this problem of the water crisis and relieve the suffering of the people of (Area name)……… area.