News Letter – Frequent Failure Of Electric Supply

NewsLetter – Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper complaining against the frequent failure of electric supply.


The Editor

(Name of Newspaper)…………….

Dear Sir/Madam, it would be of my immense pleasure if you publish the following lines in your famous daily on the complaint of the people of our locality against the frequent failure of electric supply. Yours sincerely, (Name)…….. The inhabitants of (Area name)………. –

“Frequent Failure Of Electric Supply”

We are the inhabitants of (Area name)…….. area in ……….(City name). The failure of electric supply has exceeded the tolerable level here. The owners of the industries in the area are facing a crisis in their production. Students who are the SSC/HSC examinees are also in great trouble. Normal day to day life is seriously being disturbed. In fact, in this very summer, without electricity, none can perform normal activities in stuffy rooms. During the night the darkness prevails everywhere which creates opportunities for the miscreants to commit the crime. We have already complained about this problem at the local electric supply office but they seem to be indifferent to this. They pretend not to hear anything about this problem. We, therefore, draw the attention of the concerned authority to consider the matter and take proper steps to ensure the regular supply of electricity in our locality.