News Letter – The High Prices Of Essential Commodities

NewsLetter – Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper about the high prices of essential commodities.


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Price Hike Of Everyday Essentials

The price of everyday essentials is increasing at an alarming rate. The common people are losing their buying capacity. Everything has gone beyond their reach. The fixed income people and the poor people are the most sufferers. The soaring prices of rice, vegetables, oil, fish or meat are going beyond the buying capacity of the ‘common people. But who is responsible for this price hike?

Two consecutive floods and ‘Sidar’, ‘Ayla’ have badly affected the country’s economy. The increase of price in the international market is also a factor. It is also said that syndicate of profit monger shopkeepers is deliberately creating artificial crises that are difficult for the government to control. The government has introduced ‘OMS’ and tightened monitoring of the market. Yet people are not getting rid of the brunt of the price hike. The line in the ‘OMS’ market is increasing. The middle-class people also are joining this line. This indicates that the govt. is helpless in tacking the prices of essential commodities. Yet, we believe that it is possible for the Government to do something in the matter.

In this regard, I fervently request the concerned authority of the Govt. to tackle the prices of everyday essentials and relieve the people of their sufferings.