No Objection Certificate Format for Self Purchase

No Objection Certificate Format for Self Purchase

Memo No:

Name: XYZ


Subject: Permission for self Purchase of 50KVA Transformer for New Connection

You are hereby authorized to purchase 1×50 KVA Transformer for subject connection/deposit work from any approved Pepco’s manufacturers of transformers having valid prequalification/registration & prototype approval of chief engineer (D&S) NTDC (City name), as per Pepco amendment NO.5, specification No.DDS-84 (Amendment to date) and all other changes applicable up to date in design/ Specification& instructions by chief engineer (Material Inspection) NTDC sunny view (City name).

It will be your responsibility to provide the transformer at site of connection along with original purchase invoice & inspection certificate of Chief Engineer (Material Inspection) NTDC Sunny view (City name).



Date: xx-xx-xx