Notice Format to the Minority Preference Shareholders

Notice Format to the Minority Preference Shareholders

Name: XYZ

Company Name:


Subject: Redemption of preference Shares of (Amount of Money) Each

Notice is hereby given that the shareholders of the company at annual general meeting of (Date) have approved the early redemption of preference shares held by all the minority shareholders at par value of (amount of money) each. These preference shares were issued by the company of (dated) as specie dividend @ (amount of money) per ordinary share redeemable within a period of (years) as per decision of the economic coordination committee.

The book closure period (date) to (date) for the entitlement of redemption was communicated to the shareholders in the notice of AGM also disseminated to all stock exchanges on (Date). The AGM notice was also published in the newspapers on (Date).

The preference shareholders are requested to surrender their original preference share certificates for redemption latest by (Date) to the Company’s shares registrar at the following address:

Company Name:


Once submitted for redemption the preference share certificates will stand canceled and the redemption warrant for the face value of shares along with dividend for the period from (date) to (date) will be dispatched to the shareholders.

Joint preference shareholders are further requested to submit a letter stating the (percentage %) of shareholding by the principal and joint shareholder duly filled and signed by all shareholders for the purpose of deduction of applicable income tax on dividend distribution from filer and non-filer of income tax returns.

A letter is also being sent along with the notice to each shareholder through registered post. The preference shareholders are also requested to notify the change of address if any to the company’s shares registrar at the aforementioned address.



Date: xx-xx-xx