Our Food Habits

Our Food Habits

Food habits are prominent habits in human life. Most of the time, health goals relate to our eating habits. When we want to lose our belly fat, we have to change the way we eat. Food habits differ from man to man, country to country. The food habits of the people of tropical countries are fully dissimilar from the habits of the people of cold countries. In Bangladesh, rice is our staple food. Rice is also taken as food in most of the South Asian countries. In our country, people usually take three meals a day. We are fond of rice, fish, vegetables, and meat. The poor people can hardly buy fish or meat. Rich people like to take fish and meat when they wish.

As our country island of rivers, people cannot think of a day without eating fish. When we see the other countries we find the differences in food habits. In Mexico, people live on bananas. In European countries, people live on potatoes and bread. To eat a healthy diet, you may need to make some changes. Remember that you can change your eating habits a little bit at a time. Small changes are easier to make and can lead to better health.

In our country, we usually take our breakfast with bread, egg, vegetables, and tea. Poor, people eat rice and vegetables or watered rice. For lunch, we take rice, fish, meat, vegetables, dal, etc. for dinner, we take also rice, vegetables, fish, meat, dal, small fish, milk, etc. on the other hand, in the U.S.A or European countries, the items are quietly different. The people of that country are fond of taking foods, bread, potatoes, junk foods, etc. The food you eat can affect your health and your risk for certain diseases. To eat healthier food, you may need to change some of your daily habits. You also may need to change some things in your environment.

We should make our food habits with planning. Planning meals will help us to maintain good health. For this, we should consider the food value at first. Making sudden, radical changes to eating habits such as eating nothing but cabbage soup, can lead to short term weight loss. However, such radical changes are neither healthy nor a good idea, and won’t be successful in the long run. Permanently improving your eating habits requires a thoughtful approach in which you Reflect, Replace, and Reinforce.

We should take vegetables, small fish and fruits more than other things. We should eat meat within a limit because it is full of fat. You don’t need to make huge changes to eat healthier. And you don’t have to change your habits all at the same time. It’s best to set small goals and change your habits a little bit at a time. Over time, small changes can make a big difference in your health. Moreover, we should stress taking a balanced diet.