Paragraph On Discipline

‘Discipline’ means training of the mind so as to make it accept willingly the control of rules or orders. In short, it is spontaneous obedience to a superior authority. It is a valuable lesson to learn. Discipline is necessary for every walk of life. It is necessary at home, schools, colleges, and offices. We have to have discipline in every walk of our life.

Discipline is the habit of action according to some rules and regulations. To abide by these rules and regulations perfectly everywhere may be called discipline. The word ‘discipline’ is derived from the Latin word ‘DISCIPULUS’ which means disciple. It has also another Latin origin ‘DISCERE’ which means to learn.

Every non-human creation of the universe obeys the rules of its own discipline. For example, the earth invariably continuously moves around the sun; the rivers flow up and down; the seasons of the year come one after another; and so on. Likewise, every member of the animal world strictly obeys the rules that it is supposed to obey to be in harmony with the system it interacts with. From these and various other unmentioned examples, we can easily conclude that discipline is imposed on us by nature herself.

Discipline, in fact, teaches people unity, integrity, responsibility and many other essential things by maintaining law and order. Hence it should be the order in public life with an unswerving attachment to it.