Paragraph On Dowry System

Dowry means property or money, which is brought by a bride to her husband’s house at the time of marriage. It is a social curse. It was the social custom in ancient times. Usually in our society female children are considered inferior to male children. They are thought to be of no use. So greedy people claim much money or wealth from the parents of the brides. The poor and illiterate girls mainly become victims of dowry. It the guardians fail to fulfill the demand of the bridegrooms, they misbehave with their wives. As a result, many of them get divorced or commit suicide or are killed by their husbands. This system has affected our whole society. The Dowry system affects not only a particular family but also affects the whole society. I am dead against this evil system. It should be uprooted from the society. The government should take strict legal measures against the person who take dowry. Social awareness should be created among all the people of society. An anti-dowry campaign should be started and people should be made aware of the evils of dowry. By developing the mentality of our citizens, we can get rid of this system.