Paragraph On Making A Class Forum

Forum is a medium in which the public may debate an issue or express opinions. In other words, a forum is an area where users share thoughts, ideas or help each other by solving their problems. Basically, a forum consists of four components the forum itself, its categories, the topics, and the messages. However, we’re going to discuss about class forum in this paragraph. When a group of students of a class makes a forum for some specific purposes then we called it a class forum. Making a class forum is very easy and important for the students. Because it makes their duties easier and enjoyable. It can be formed under a leadership of a student who will lead the forum and will divide the duties among different groups within that forum. Cleaning the classroom is one of the most important responsibilities of the students. If a forum is made, this type of works can be done easily. Besides they can study group-wise, discuss an academic problem or can do anything by making a forum. So class forum is very significant for the students.