Paragraph On Boishakhi Mela

A Mela is an occasional event. Boishakhi Mela is a fair held every year in the month of Boishakh amid great festivity and merriment. Boishakhi Mela is the reflection of the true picture of Bangladesh. It is a part and parcel of Bengalee culture. Boishakhi Mela is such a celebration when the people of our country become together to welcome their culture without being drowned in the illusion of western culture. Bangladeshi having the taste of rich culture and tradition. The largest Boisahaki Mela of the country is held at Ramana Batamul. People of all ages-poor and rich, children and adults, men and women, illiterate and educated of our country participate in this Mela putting on traditional dresses and enjoy the best of it according to their area of interest. Peoples are gathered with carrying festoons, play cards Banners, etc. It upraises the traditions and national heritage with an assemblage of delicate woven clothes, potters, top, handicrafts, and needlework and so on. One of the most attractive events is a lottery. It attracts people of all ages. Huge numbers of people are seen in the lottery stalls. Bangladeshi foods are sold in small shopkeepers. Some shopkeepers sell artificial goods of our daily uses. Little boys and girls cry and make noise for their toys. Young, old and children visit the stall and buy different things with utmost enthusiasm. A cultural programd is held in Mela. A lot of singers sing Bengali traditional songs like Jari, Shari, Bhatiali, folk song. People also come to these functions with spontaneity and enthusiasm. In addition to these, people enjoy the circus, merry go round and Jatra as special attractions. Such Melas go on all through the month and witness huge rush in the evening time and holidays. Therefore, Boishakhi Mela is considered the most significant medium of expressing our sincerity to our culture, heritage, and tradition and increases our fraternity.