Paragraph On Corruption

‘Corruption’ is defined as an action to provide a good or bad service to a third person basically intended for personal gain. It weakens a country’s political, social as well as economic system. It is a curse for the society. It hampers the growth of the nation and thus has an adverse impact on the growth of each individual in the country. Political corruption lies at the core of our country.

Corruption occurs at different levels and different scales. It has been classified as Pretty Corruption, Grand Corruption, and Systematic Corruption. Here is how these types of corruptions differ from one another:

  • Pretty Corruption: This type of corruption takes place on a small scale. This mostly occurs when the general public requires getting small tasks approved by government officials. Although small, these tasks are important for the general public so much so that they cannot do without them. These may include getting a water meter installed at home, applying for a gas connection, applying for a passport, etc. Many government officials take advantage of this situation to make quick bucks. This is how bribery begins at a small level.
  • Grand Corruption: This kind of corruption takes place at the highest level of government. It mostly involves major resurrection of the legal and political system to benefit those in authority. This type of corruption weakens the very core of a country’s political and economic system. It mainly occurs in a dictatorial or authoritarian type of government and is highly damaging to the country.
  • Systemic Corruption: This type of corruption is quite commonplace. It occurs when there are loopholes and weaknesses in the whole system of an organization or process. People take advantage to further their personal interests in such a scenario and weaken the organizations further. Some of the reasons for this kind of corruption are lack of transparency and lack of uniformity in pay packages and incentives.

Thus, people do not dare to raise their voice against the corruption taking place at a high level. Those in power take advantage of the flawed system and work towards fulfilling their own interests. The grievances and problems of the general public remain unheard. It is important for the government and organizations to identify the root cause of the problem and implement strict norms to stop the same. People who indulge in corrupt means usually escape as corruption is prevalent till the top level and many big names are involved in it.