Paragraph On Drug Abuse

As we all know, drugs are an illicit matter that certain individuals drink, smoke, inject, or consume for the emotional and physical consequences it leaves. Drug addiction is fatal to health; and without clinical assistance and family support, drug users cannot free themselves from the clutches of drugs. Where awareness and ideals of life should be something that is instilled in every mind, drugs take their place and make life itself void. Drugs also have positive uses, but we prefer to bend towards the negative side of the use of drugs because it is human nature. In order to get them addicted to drugs, people who trade in the sales of drugs build a network and primarily target students. Initially, the drugs are sold for free to the students and when they become addicted to it, they begin to buy and consume it gradually. In truth, students eventually become part of their network as well and begin to deal with it. There are a number of different reasons why a person would want to take medicine. One of the frequent explanations for this is the pleasure in seeing what happens. Intensive discomfort and damage to the brain and other internal organs is experienced by drug users. Eventually, if they stay untreated, they die. Drug effects on the body and mind, such as sudden energy boosts or relaxed calmness, are also the reason why drugs are common.

By using the media to raise awareness about the awful consequences of drug abuse, drug addiction can be monitored and even avoided. Guardians should keep watch on their children’s lifestyles. Many times people start to take drugs because they are addicted to their friends. When they begin taking it though, it becomes very hard for them to get rid of this habit. Many teens these days claim that what makes them look cool and make a style statement in front of others is the practice of drinking, smoking, and even drug abuse. However, it is only when these individuals are stuck in their vicious cycle that they know that they have caused their lives to be irreparable. Drug effects can also differ in numerous cases. Mental well-being is the first and foremost thing. An individual tries drugs to deal with situations and does not accept reality because of the addictive effects. Drugs completely modify the way they think and handle themselves. This in turn determines any experiences they have in their lives and the result is almost often negative. An individual who has become the victim of substance abuse is compelled to proceed with the addiction by his/her bodily circumstances, but they recognize the bad impact of this habit earlier. It should be noted that addicts will do horrific things under the influence of drugs. For anti-social behavior, they are accountable. Thus, drugs taken out of rage are seen to lead to utter hopelessness and even death. Thus, for the young generation, substance addiction is a very well-known problem, but it would still take a lot of awareness to steer clear of it. Each year, 11.8 million deaths are the result of drug abuse. Each individual strictly says ‘No’ to drugs and has these individuals admitted to recovery facilities where their situations can be changed before it becomes awful and proves fatal to that individual.