Paragraph On Knowledge Is Power

‘Knowledge is Power’ is indeed a proverb that is true in every sense. Without knowledge, it would have been impossible for humans and human civilizations to develop. We live in the modern, urbanized nation where one cannot compete with a lack of knowledge. To compete and transform in the changing times it is very important to stay up to date. It gives us social power and helps us gain more respect in society. We, humans, are the most powerful beings on earth because of the power of knowledge.

Knowledge is information, skills, and awareness gained through experience and education. It is the theoretical or practical understanding of the subject under study. Knowledge is important in every aspect of life. We are rarely aware of which skill or piece of information we are going to need when. It is vital to stock up a little on a broad range of subjects and gain skills that we know would be useful in the future. Knowledge helps us convert our ideas into action. Humans can domesticate, train and rule animals with their skills as they are superior to them mentally. Knowledge is the real power humans are gifted with that distinguishes them from animals. Humans can gain, learn, understand, analyze, experiment, research, perform, share and multiply their skills and knowledge. The more wisdom they gain the more power, ability, and authority they obtain.

If knowledge is used adversely it can also be damaging to our society and nation. The one who is knowledgeable can have power over the one who doesn’t know much, it can be used to exploit the vulnerable individuals and groups of society. It can give rise to illegal activities and crimes in our nation and across the world. Medical science is being used for criminal purposes like organ transplants. Doctors are considered God in the country and they can cure and save lives but if they use their knowledge to assist criminals instead of patients it can be damaging for society.

Similarly, a fashion stylist who shares his/her knowledge on his/her fashion blog and other social platforms can be more successful than the fashion stylist who just serves his/her clients. Likewise, a motivational writer also uses a social media platform to motivate people. People follow knowledgeable personalities and get inspired by social media. So, nowadays it’s all about sharing and marketing your knowledge to be successful. But again, it is all about having knowledge about how to use social media platform wisely for positive results.

Knowledge is the true strength of a person, but it is very important that it is used effectively for the welfare and prosperity of our nation. It gives us the ability to create as well as destroy.