Paragraph On Moral Values

“Moral values” are the principles and ethics that help us live a righteous life. When we follow moral values we live a life of virtue. We can have peace of mind when we are virtuous because we do not fear punishment and retribution for having done wrongful acts or evil deeds. We are also able to inspire others to lead a life of righteousness and virtue. Moral values govern our life and keep us on the right path. They are thus instilled in childhood itself.

Honesty and truthfulness are great moral values. When we are honest and live by truth we can have a society where there is no fear of corruption and violence. There will therefore be greater peace all around. We need to be courageous and bold to be honest and truthful. Even when it is easy to say a lie and get away from punishment, we should strive to live by truth. The truth may hurt us or someone else but we may have to uphold the reality. We have to accept the truth at all times. Just as it requires courage to say the truth, it also requires fearlessness to not speak a lie. When we are honest we are also not covetous to steal what belongs to another. If we steal others’ belongings, others may rob us of ours.

Respecting other people is also a moral value. There must be mutual respect of each other. We must also respect all forms of life. Discharging our duties to the best of our best ability is also a value we must practice. We must also be loyal, and our deeds and words must show integrity of character. Moral values also keep us from coveting others’ possessions. Stealing shows dishonesty and unfairness. If we steal others’ belongings, others may rob us of ours. Respecting others, being just and doing our duties are also morals that we must live by.

Justice is an expression of honesty and truth. It is also important that we do our duties to our best ability. The due discharge of our duties is also a moral value. We have duties towards our family, society, nation and the world. When we discharge our duties we show respect and give dignity to the other. This is a sign of honesty and integrity of character.