Paragraph On Natural Beauty Of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a land of “Natural Beauty”. It is the blessed child of nature. It’s area is 1,47,570 sq. km. The North, The west and the most part of the east are surrounded by India, the southeast part of the east is attached with Myanmar and The Bay of Bengal is to the south. It is situated in the temperate zone of the world. Being a revering country, her rivers present different scenes at different times. Especially the rivers in the rainy season present an unbroken view of a variety of sights, which amuses our eyes. Again the long Sea-beach of the Bay of Bengal at Cox’s bazaar is worth seeing.

In Bangladesh, six seasons with their distinctive robes come in procession, play and depart. Through there is intense heat in summer, there are the gifts of delicious fruits. Though there are floods during the rainy season. It is the season that blesses us with greenery, in autumn there is the game of hiding and seeks among the clouds, the blue sky and enchanting moonlight at night. In winter fields full of winter crops and golden paddy, ready for reaping, present a panoramic view. In spring Bangladesh seems to be a box of flowers whence sweet fragrance comes out.  Numerous trees of different sizes have enhanced the beauty of the country. Fruits and flowers are special gifts here. They have added beauty to the country offering their varied colors, sweet smell, and charm. Each of her natural regions such as Rangamati, Khagrachori, Kaptai, Sylhet, Moinamati, Sundarbans, the St. Martins Island, etc. are blessed with the most enchanting natural beauty. The scenery of these places is so charming and attractive that there is always a rush of tourism and visitors in these places from home and aboard throughout the year.

In Bangladesh, everybody has to admit that it is a matchless beauty spot in the world. Everybody exclaims in joy and wonder at the unforgettable and unimaginable beauty of this land. Onlookers are immersed in the fathomless depth of the ocean of beauty. Every season in Bangladesh is been decorated by different natural beauties. To me, Bangladesh is the most beautiful country in the world. I love my country very much.