Paragraph On Technology

“Technology” has revolutionized the world of gadgets to a whole new platform. It is said one technology opens the doorways for a hundred other technologies, and these become the forces for changes in our society, way of living and environment. Technology has helped in understanding the existing problems and situations and from there take on to provide multiple solutions to them. Technology is a necessity of the modern lifestyle. Every day there are new ideas and advancements in the technology as the world becomes more involved in discovering and utilizing the potential of natural resources. Technology has improved human lives significantly by providing convenience and efficiency. It has made easily possible for us to access education, communication, medicine, transportation, sports, etc.

Every day scientists are exploring ways to exploit solar energy, wind energy and harnessing power from it, converting salty ocean water to pure freshwater, predicting climatic conditions and much more. New technologies are coming up to intricately study the lives of different species whom we know very little about. Technological efforts are being made to preserve endanger species and produce better and healthy crops by genetically modifying them.

The technological innovations have made the lives of human beings convenient, easy and better than what it was yesterday. It has made possible for people to connect from all over the world through smartphones, emails, video calls, etc. Technology has replaced the conventional modes of transportation to faster and convenient ways like metros and airplanes. Medical innovations to cure diseases and rectify them so easily would not have been possible without technological innovations like MRI scans, surgical types of machinery and other advanced techniques. Technology has now become one of the most integral parts in the development of any nation. Since the invention of computers and calculators, technology has transformed the dynamics of education. With the increasing popularity of the internet and its powers, online search engines have opened the doorways of accessing any information just by the press of a key.

Technology has certainly paved ways for a better lifestyle, but it has also caused damage and destruction to the environment. Despite its various consequences, technology is here to stay and there is no escaping it. Technology is a tool to be used with rationality. Hence, it is upon the user to decide its potential. Digital technology has gifted us with its enormous Pandora box of gadgets and applications. Millions of people every day thrive on it for their survival.