Paragraph On A Postman

A postman is a person who delivers letters, money orders, and other postal articles to the proper addressees. The postman is a familiar figure. The postman who serves in the town puts on a khaki dress. But the postman who works in the village has no particular dress. He puts on a plain dress. The postman has a definite area where he has to go. The postman carries across his shoulders a bag containing letters, parcels and money orders and other postal articles. He goes from one house to another to deliver letters, money orders and other postal articles to the proper addressees. The postman is very sincere and dutiful. He performs his duties regularly and sincerely. He does not take rest from his travel. He does not find mental peace unless and until he discharges his duties. He works just like a machine. He goes from house to house in fair weather or foul. The postman is so careful that he does not deliver anything without the legal owner of the thing to be delivered. Nevertheless, he is ill-paid. His position is humble in society. He brings good news and sometimes ill. He renders an important and great service to society. He performs his duties honestly and sincerely. He is hailed by everybody and hated by one. He is such a great friend to us that every day we expect his knock on the door.

The importance of a postman beggars description. Our hearts become full of expectations when we see him coming to our house. Sometimes he brings letters containing good news. Sometimes he brings money orders which help the receiver much. Sometimes he brings important books. Sometimes he brings gifts which make fill our hearts with joy. In a word, he plays an important role in our daily life.