Paragraph On Tree Plantation

Trees are the best friend of man. Trees are an essential part of our environment, there can be no doubt about the usefulness of trees. They do us good in many ways. They supply us food, medicine, timber, fuel and whatnot. The trees take in Carbon di-oxide and give us oxygen without that no animals can live. The trees present us flowers, the most beautiful things on earth. They keep the atmosphere cool and bring down rain. Yet some people are so ungrateful that they recklessly cut down such a beneficial friend. The little forests that we have in Chittagong, Khulna, Dinajpur, and Tangail areas are shrinking day by day for the increasing population. There are various fruit trees in all over the country. But they are not sufficient to meet our fruit requirements. Many countries are already turning into deserts due to the massive cutting of trees. Many species of birds and animals have also become extinct for want of food and habitat after the destruction of forests. Hence it has become an emergency to plant more trees. In our country, the rainy season is the best time for the plantation of trees. We can plant trees in any open places around our houses, office buildings, factories, schools colleges, and hospitals. We should also plant trees on either side of the roads and in all available places.

To make our country prosperous and to check air pollution and to save our earth from greenhouse effects we should plant more and more trees. Trees make the earth beautiful. Trees give us fruits which are the best kind of food. That is why heaven is imagined as a garden full of trees. The earth without trees would be a big desert where all animals will die. So we should plant more trees.