Paragraph On Visit To A Book Fair

A book fair which is organized to display and sell books is called a book fair. I visited a book fair organized on the 21st February this year. It was held on the occasion of observing the 21st February.  The book fair was held in the premises of Bangla Academy. I went to visit the fair with some of my teachers and closed friends. Every year Bangla academy arranges books fair to pay respect to martyrs of the language movement Books of poems, adventure, novels and books for the children were displayed in the fair. The fair looked very grand, large and nice. I went round the fair. I saw different bookstalls, a huge crowd of people. Books such as novels, rhymes, adventure series, etc. were available here. I saw the children and students were buying books according to their respective choice and taste. I learnt many things and purchased a few books by Muhammed Zafar Iqbal. He is a Bangladeshi science fiction author, physicist, academic and activist. He is a professor of computer science and engineering at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology. I saw him surrounded by a lot of fans. He seemed to feel tired of giving autographs. The seminar held at the foot of a tree attracted me most. I gathered immense experience through visiting the fair. Book fair helps us form the habit of reading books. It also plays and\n important role in creating a new writer. In fact, a book fair creates in our minds a feeling of love for our mother tongue.