Patriotism – A Noble Virtue

Patriotism means love for one’s own country. It is of the noble virtues of human nature. This virtue derives in human being naturally. But proper education and cultural exercise flourish this. Patriotism encourages people to act properly for the betterment of the country. So, the exercise of this noble virtue can bring happiness and prosperity to a nation. The high and the low, the rich and the poor, all appreciate the sentiment.

Patriotism is such a virtue that inspires a man to sacrifice joys, interests and even life for the sake of the Country. It creates a sense of brotherhood, co-operation, and sympathy for the countrymen. A patriot is loved and honored by the countrymen. Muhammad (Sm.) described patriotism as a part of our religious belief. Without the presence of it, confusion and chaos may exist everywhere in life. If they have not, it has been looked upon as a shameful thing.

The stream of patriotism flows in human mind always. But it overflows its banks in some particular situations. Especially, during any national crisis or in the question of honor and dignity of the country, nation or people, a patriot never hesitates to make supreme sacrifice. He even sacrifices his life for his country. On the other hand, when far off from motherland, patriotism sometimes springs out. Michael Madhusudan Datta is a glowing example of this. Mazzini, Garibaldi, Joan of arc, Nelson, Washington, Ho-chi-Minh, etc. are some of the precious diamonds in the crown of patriotism.

The essence of patriotism is the sacrifice of personal interest to public welfare. – WILLIAM H. BURNHAM.

Patriotism comes out not ‘only during a national crisis or in heroic deeds. If a person loves his country, performs his own duty and works for the progress of the country, he is, no doubt a patriot. A man with patriotism is respected by all but a man without patriotism is hated by everyone. Thus, a teacher, a writer, a doctor, an engineer, a student or a politician may be patriot even in the normal course of life if they honestly and sincerely perform theft duties. Without patriotism, there can have no success and no chance of developing the spirit of man. A patriot finds his\her progress in the progress of the country and his\her downfall in the country’s downfall. We should devote ourselves to the convenience of the country and compatriots.

Patriotism is a positive term, but over patriotism which is known as chauvinism is bad. It does not teach to hate others nation. It simply teaches to love one’s own country and defend it against any odds within or without the country. Hitler of Germany is the example of such narrow-minded patriot. True patriotism ennobles a man and helps him to go beyond selfishness and the prejudices of race, class, caste, language, and religion. However, a true patriot should never hate other countries because true patriotism teaches to love and respect other countries as well. In fact, a true patriot loves his country and countrymen more than his life and at the same time values the freedom of others as his own. So, we all should cultivate this great virtue.