Qualities of an Ideal School Teacher

A teacher is critical to the educational process. In theory, no teacher will ever be completely perfect. Being completely ideal would imply that the teacher has attained such a level of perfection that she or he no longer requires further effort toward improvement and, as a result, growth would be stifled.

An ideal teacher typically possesses the following characteristics: he has unrivaled command of his subjects. He is well-versed in the subjects he is expected to teach. Teachers who are truly exceptional are scholars who are constantly reading and learning about their subjects. The ideal teacher’s tone of voice is pleasant rather than gruff, irksome, or morose.

A school teacher is someone who interacts with his students on a daily basis. His demeanor has a significant impact on his students. So, in addition to the subject he teaches, it is critical that a teacher has good qualities so that students can learn from him.

First and foremost, a teacher must be genuinely interested in teaching. We frequently encounter teachers who are only half-hearted about their jobs or who use teaching as a stopgap measure before moving on to more lucrative positions. I’ve met a lot of people like this. There was one student who was always late for class. He always had a cigarette in his hand when he did. He would then spend ten minutes or so in class before going out for another smoke.

Others, on the other hand, showed no interest in what tray was teaching, instead of asking us to read from the book or do our own work. Of course, there were bullies among the teachers, both male, and female. The men use their physical strength to bully the boys, particularly the younger ones, while the women use their mouths to humiliate some of the poor inarticulate students. I, too, have been humiliated and made to look like a fool in front of my classmates before, all because I was unable to provide the correct answer. Standing on our chairs was the most common form of punishment for minor offenses.

An ideal teacher has a good sense of humor/smiles. But this fun is not of impolite nature. An ideal teacher has the highest degree of integrity. An ideal teacher is susceptible to adaptation or modification.

Such heinous behavior on the part of teachers stems from the fact that many teachers are dissatisfied with their jobs for various reasons. It is also obvious that some people are dissatisfied with their lives. So a teacher who truly wants to help his students is one who enjoys his job, regardless of how well it plays. Furthermore, he cannot allow problems in his personal life to interfere with his work. He must resolve the issues himself rather than blaming the students. Imagine having to put up with a teacher who is hungover from the night before, or a shrew who finds fault with everyone because she has family problems.

There was once a teacher who, in my opinion, was almost an ideal teacher. He was gentle, considerate, and genuinely interested in all of his students, not just the brightest. He instructed us in mathematics. He would go around to everyone after explaining a lesson to see if he could help. Everyone enjoyed his lessons because he was a happy guy who explained things clearly. We didn’t have any problems with math because he was so good. We all performed admirably in his tests and other examinations. He was approachable and eager to spend time after school with students who needed extra assistance. Often he could be found in the school, canteen after school, with some students who flocked around him for help.

He was a lot of fun to hang out with outside of class. He had a great sense of humor and could communicate with people of all ages. He was about twenty-five years old, but he could easily converse with a fifteen-year-old or a fifty-year-old. When we had to return to school for extra-curricular activities, he was always willing to assist in any way he could. If we asked him, he never said no. His most notable quality was that he was genuine.

This teacher had transferred to a different school. We will miss him because he possessed the characteristics of an excellent teacher. More teachers like him would be beneficial. He assists students who are having difficulties. Furthermore, he or she is disciplined, cooperative, friendly with his colleagues, and obedient to the head of the institution.