Recommendation Letter Format for Student from University

Recommendation Letter Format for Student from University

Date: xx-xx-xx

To Whom May It Concern

(Name: XYZ) joined (Institute Name) of Management & Sciences in (Date). He/She will be appearing for the A Level Examinations in Business Studies, Economics and sociology in (Date).

His/Her assignments are good, demonstrating his/her skills to comprehend and analyze different academic problems. His/Her class participation is a positive contribution to the classroom learning environment. He/She takes part in extracurricular activities as well, and has a pleasant disposition.

He/She has performed well in the past, and can improve her grades with more consistent efforts. He/She is very energetic girl and I hope he/she will be add value in your company/organization through his/her knowledge and effort.  I believe that a more competitive environment will allow his/her to further realize her potential. I wish him/her all the best for his/her endeavours.

Name: ZZZ