Recommendation Letter from Landlord

Recommendation Letter from Landlord

[Writing a recommendation letter for your tenant is not a huge task, but sometimes, landlords might get confused about what must be written in the letter. A landlord recommendation letter is very much beneficial for a person who is looking for renting a new apartment or a house. Below briefly focus on a sample Recommendation Letter from Landlord. This letter gives the new landlord assurance that the tenant is good and a responsible person. The letter must contain points that indicate the good qualities of the tenant.]


Sender/Your name…

Home/Office Address…

Date: DD/MM/YY (Date on Which Letter is Written)


Receiver name…

Home/Office Address…

Subject: Landlord Recommendation Letter

Dear Mr. /Mrs. (name of the concerned person)

This letter is to verify that (name of the tenant) was residing in my place (address of the previous house/apartment) from (date of taking the house) and he decided to left the house/apartment on (date of leaving the house/ apartment). (Describe in your words).

(name of the tenant) was a very (character of the tenant such as good, fair or bad) person and talking about the rents he/she has paid all the rents on time. (Describe all about tenant behavior and character).

I hope you got all the necessary details about the tenant and if you need any more information, you can contact me at (your contact number). (Cordially describe your greetings and recommendation). I would conclude by saying that you would not make any mistake by renting (name of the tenant) your property.

Thanking You,

Yours truly,

(Name and Signature)

Address and Contact Info…


Another Format, [Email Format]

To: receiver mail address,

From: sender mail address,

SUB: Landlord Recommendation Letter

Dear Mr./ Ms/ Mrs. (Name of the recipient)

This informs that Mr. (name) and his wife was a tenant at (address) and they have been a wonderful family who always paid the rent on time, and he has been our tenant from (date) and past (***) years we never had any problem with his family. (Describe in your words). His (***) kids are also much disciplined, and he keeps his house and the surroundings very clean. He has never given us a chance to complain. He is a person who socializes with everyone in the neighborhood and is very helpful and supportive. (Describe all about tenant behavior and character). Everyone respects him. He is very soft-spoken and doesn’t disturb anyone with loud music or any other such kind of behavior.

He has given a notice of one month and would like to move from our house as he has got a better opportunity near your place. It will be very far for him to drive from my place. (Cordially describe your greetings and recommendation). He had been a wonderful person, and with regret, I have to part from him. If you seek any further information, do feel free to contact me on this number (*****).

Thanking You

Best Regards,

(Your name)

Address and Contact Info…