Reference Letter for Child Custody

Reference Letter for Child Custody

[A reference letter for child custody is written by some other person on behalf of the individual. When an individual is seeking his/her child custody in case of divorce, providing a reference letter for the purpose is a must. Here briefly describe on sample Reference Letter for Child Custody. The writer can be a relative, a neighbor, or a friend of the individual who knows the individual and his/her child very well. Do not mention every example in the letter, but do mention the instances that will help you distill the relationship. You can modify these sample as your requirement.]


Sender/Your Name…

Home/Office address…

Date: DD/MM/YY [Letter writing date]


Chief Magistrate/concern authority,

City Court…

Subject: Reference for Child custody

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter in support of (Mr. name) seeking custody of his child. (Describe in your words).

I being his (relation, e.g., sister-in-law) very well know that (Mr. name) is a caring and dedicated father. (Describe all about the situation). His one and only son is the center of his life, and he has taken care of his son’s needs right from day one. (Describe actual problem and requirements).

I am a regular visitor to his house, and I also know his son very well, and I have never found them unhappy. (Write your reference and expectation). I strongly believe that Mike is in the good hands of my brother. He can promise a smooth future for his son.

I, therefore, request you to grant custody to my brother, in the best interest of his child. (Cordially describe your greetings).

Thanking You,

Yours truly,

Your Name…

Home/Office address…

Contact Info. and Signature…

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Another Format, [Email Format]

To: receiver mail address,

From: sender mail address,

Subject: Child Custody Reference Letter.

Dear (Sir/Madam)

This is to affirm that (name of the child) is still living with her mother as the children’s court has predetermined. (Describe in your words). Her mother was given custody after her father filed a petition to get custody of the child and was deprived of it. (Describe the actual problem and situation). The court thinks that (name of the child) still needs the care of her mother since she is in her decisive years, she stays with her mother until she is old enough to make a decision where she wants to stay. (Describe all about the situation). Her mother has the potential and ability to raise her up alone and has passed the entire examination she needs to place forward for her to guarantee the court of her capabilities and us. (Write your requirements).

This only shows that the child is definitely in good hands living with her mother. (Cordially describe your greetings and expectation). If you have any questions about these dealings, then feel free to contact us, and we are pleased to answer all your queries.

Sincerely Yours,

(Name of the sender)

Home/Office address…

Contact Info…

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