Request Application: Advance Loan for Christmas

Request Application: Advance Loan for Christmas

The Director/Manager/HR Admin,

Company Name…

Company Address…


Subject: Advance Loan for Christmas



Most courteously It is stated that an employee (Christian) is working in this organization under the Department of Accounts (department name) and their event of Christmas is in this month. For this purpose he has applied for advance loan. The detail of employee is given below:

Victor working as a junior accountant (job Designation) Salary per month: (Money Amount…)

His working status is satisfactory and due to his personal needs he is requiring a loan of (money amount) for the month of December. It is requested to adjust the loan amount in next salaries. Attached is the application form for loan. Kindly, consider his request.


Yours Sincerely,

Manager Accounts,

Date with Sign….