Request Application for Change of Menu in Hostel

Request Application for Change of Menu in Hostel


The Principal/Dean/Higher Authority;

College/Institute Name…

Institute Address….


Subject: Application for change in food menu.


Respected sir/madam,


Most respectfully, it is stated that our hostel menu contains:

(Here given menu, as an example)

1- Monday: Daal chawal, custard.

2- Tuesday: Sabzi, sawaiyan.

3- Wednesday: Haleem, zarda.

4- Thursday: Chicken, firni.

5- Friday: Chicken biryani, custard.

6- Saturday: Nan channay, zarda.

(You can Change menu as your needed)


Our menu items contain many cholesterol items and our beneficiary students are putting on weight to eat those items. We also face some diseases due to unnecessary use of cholesterol contained in the food items of our hostel mess.

So on behalf of all the student council I am requesting you to change the menu items that may be harmful to our health. If it is not possible then there should be fruits placed every day in the menu as they are suitable for all. We will be very thankful to you.


Yours Truly,

Student councilor…..Name….

Date with Sign…..