Request Email for Internship Experience Letter by Father

Request Email for Internship Experience Letter by Father

Dear Mr./Mrs. XYZ,

Hope you are doing well. As per our discussion (Name) is working with (Institute name…) as volunteer currently and has worked in past as well. She/He is applying for her higher education admission (Degree name…) in some US based universities (University name…). She would need the experience letter from (Institute Name). As per these universities requirements we have prepared a sample letter which describe his/her work at (Institute name…).  I am attaching (Name…) experience letter soft copy for you to use and print on letterhead and signed by the appropriate authorities. Also in addition to Experience letter if there is a formal certificate which school/college provide for its volunteer worker then that would be help full as well.

We need this letter by tomorrow as his/her application to apply to US universities is (time and date…). I appreciate your help in expediting this for us. Thanks

Best Regards,


 Father of (Student name)

Contact no…..