Request Final Settlement Letter Format after Resignation

Request Final Settlement Letter Format after Resignation


Date: xx-xx-xx

Name: XYZ


(Company/Organization Name)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been an employee at your company/organization from (Date) to (Date) and now I had to resign because I am going to settle abroad with my family next month. I have had a great experience at your company/organization and I got to learn a lot from this experience. Your company/organization will always be in my good books. I am writing this letter in order to receive my full and final payment which had to be given to me last week but I did not receive my payments.

I have fulfilled all the requirements necessary for the resignation process but still I did not get full and final settlement of payment which includes my Salary, Provident fund, Medical Insurance, Gratuity, and other dues. I am well aware of all the company policies and regulations and I have not gone against any of them. I request you to pay all the dues to me and I assure you that I will not claim anything in future once my payments are received.

Moreover, I also assure you that I will stand by all the conditions and rules and regulations set by your company/organization and after getting my payments I will not be claiming anything.

Yours Faithfully,

Name: ZZZ


Contact No: