Resignation Letter Format for Misbehavior

Resignation Letter Format for Misbehavior

Date: dd-mm-yy

The HR Manager,

(Company/Organization Name)

Subject: Resignation Letter for Misbehavior

Dear Sir/Madam,

I hereby submit my resignation letter on intimation on one week. I worked as (Designation/Position) with your esteemed company/organization since (Date). During my working tenure I tried to work at my level best and in my books I accomplished it. Unfortunately, I am not satisfied with the team leading me. I am always asked to work under pressure and short notices and I do it every time by dint of hard work.

I regret to say but the only reason for my resignation is the misbehavior and misconduct of Management. I cannot tolerate humiliation of mine in front of colleagues and juniors in spite of my sincere working. Neither I get proper resources for working nor proper time. Under such circumstances, I able not able to continue job with your company/organization.

I hope that you will find an appropriate candidate for the position and I wish you continued success.


Name: XYZ


Contact: 000-000-000