Resignation Letter with Complaint

Resignation Letter with Complaint

[When an employee wants to resign from a job due to some unresolved grievance at the workplace, this type of letter is usually submitted. Clearly explain the reason for your grievance and resignation. Below briefly describe on Sample Resignation Letter with Complaint. The letter should not be too long yet must send a clear message of your dissatisfaction. Make sure you do not leave the work with negative relations. Do mention the problem you faced and the reason you are leaving the job but do not be rude. You can make any change to the below application as per your needs.]


Sender/Your name…

Job Designation and Department name…

Date: DD/MM/YY (Date of the letter)


Receiver/Higher official name…

Job Designation and Department name…

Sub: Resignation Letter

Dear (Sir/name),

Please be informed that I am resigning from the post of (mention post) of (company name) with effect from (last working date), (no. of days/months left) from today. (describe in your words). Please consider this as the (notice period) notice of resignation as is mandatory per my contract.

The reason for my resignation is that (mention the complaint or grievance you have against the company or a particular individual that is compelling you to resign, like delayed salary payment, not promoted in spite of deserving it, harassment by any individual, etc.) (Explain the actual problem and situation).

I am sure you appreciate my stand and will relieve me of my responsibilities on (mention last date) my last working day at (company name). I trust that my dues will be paid before that day. (Cordially describe your greetings and expectation).

Thanking you

Yours truly

Signature and Name…

Job Designation and Department name…


Another Format, (Email Format)

To: Receiver mail address,

From: Sender mail address,

Subject: Resignation letter

Dear (Sir/name),

I am writing to tender in my resignation as a (Job designation, e.g., Sales Executive) in (Company name). (describe in your words).

I want to bring your attention to the poor work conditions at the Sales Department, which I have informed not only the Department Head but your kind self also. (Describe actual problem and situation). However, no affirmative action was taken to rectify the situation after (***) months.

Therefore, I have decided to submit this letter of resignation, as the conditions are not conducive to my productivity. (Express your feelings).

I trust that the company will clear any outstanding dues to me quickly before my last day at work here, which is the end of this month. (Cordially describe your greetings and expectation).

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,


Job Designation and Department name…