Resume Format for Assistant Teacher

Resume Format for Assistant Teacher


Name: XYZ



Contact No:



I describe myself best as young, enthusiastic, eager to learn, driven to excel and committed to the full realization of my potential. My dynamic force comes from seeking new.

Challenging goals and working towards achieving them. I am ambitious and goal oriented. I get along others famously and count my communicative, interactive, skills as my greatest assets.


Year Qualification Institution Subject:

(xx year) Diploma in (Subject name) from (Institute name).

(xx year) Certificate (Institute name) for Call Centre Training Course.

(xx year) Intermediate at (Institute name).

(State other qualification, if you have achieved)


Experience: (State experience, if you have. Example: Like……)

(Date) to (Date):

(Institute name) as a (Position name). Helping teacher during The Regular classes, in the absence of teacher or when teachers are busy.


(Date) to (Date):

(Institute name) worked there as TSR (Telemarketing Services Representative)

There I have to close the sale and give customer services to the customer.


Personal Information:

Date of Birth:




Marital Status:

Blood Group:


Languages and Computer Skill:

English, (State other languages skill, if you know).

MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, Net Browsing, etc.

(State other skills, if you have)



Net Browsing, Cooking, Reading, and etc.



(State two common reference of your recognised person)