Road Safety

Road safety means that we move along the road in a safe manner, i.e., keeping ourselves free from harm or injury at the roads. Everyday many people are involved in road accidents. Some are killed. Many more are injured or maimed. So it is important for us to learn to use the roads properly and safely. It refers to the measures and techniques used to prevent accidents on the road and safeguard the road users from being injured or killed. No sane person would like to be involved in an accident.

Road Safety is primarily meant for the prevention of accidents and to protect the road users from getting injured or killed. As the roads are very busy nowadays, we should be very careful when crossing one. It is safer to use a pedestrian crossing or an overhead bridge whenever one is available. The approach of the safety system is to ensure safe driving and prevent serious injuries and deaths. Never cross a road by dashing across it. That is inviting trouble. We need to follow certain rules to stay safe on the roads. These rules are called Road Safety Rules. If there are no crossings, then we must look carefully right and left and cross only when it is safe to do so.

Speed on the roads might be very exciting but can also cost someone’s life. Some of us take the bus to school. It is important that we do not try to get on or off a bus while it is still moving.  Using a bicycle can be dangerous too. It is estimated that every year around 1.3 million people are killed and around 50 million people are injured in road accidents worldwide.  We must obey all traffic rules. Also, we must make sure our bicycles are in good condition with working brakes, lights, etc. It measures are the tools can save from the expensive traffic fines, serious offenses, removal of driving licenses, etc.

We must obey all traffic rules. The key goal of road safety measures is to minimize the impact speed that affects the severity of the accident. These are some things we can do to avoid accidents. There are many signs and signals on the road that road users need to obey for their personal safety and also to avoid crashing others. However, there is no guarantee that we will never be involved in one. Road safety is very much up to how we use the roads. It is very important for us to follow road safety rules. Use them carelessly and we may never be able to use them again.